Pre Black Friday Special!!


Tis the  Season for New scarves and Travel Wraps!!

A travel wrap is a great versatile travel garment that can often be used as a shawl, a scarf, and a travel blanket. Travel wraps are also often lightweight and compact enough to fold up and store in a purse or backpack.

A travel wrap can keep you warm on a chilly airplane or be used as travel blanket on a long road trip!  It can cover your shoulders when entering churches, dress up a plain outfit for an evening out, and add an extra layer of warmth! 

This one we love with the great colors, a chunky super soft wide stripe, fabulous Fall colors and the braided tassels for a great finish!! 

Great Gifts!! Washable!!Poly

shios 1 week 

Extra long too! 88” x 21”