Paper Bag Waist Pants! The NEW IT Pant for the Season!


Paper Bag Pants! If you haven't seen them yet, you will! They are Everywhere! 


At this day and age, comfort is a MUST for your everyday wardrobe, and you might as well consider these pants an upgraded version of pajamas!!

Made with a super soft TENCEL fabric, this style of bottoms will keep you comfortable and content as you go about your day inside and outside of your home.

 Paper bag pants don’t just score high marks from a comfort standpoint, but they are famously known for their universally flattering fit. No matter your body type, the cinched waist and tapered leg leave you with a slimming look while tucking in at the waist to help you maintain or create an hourglass shape. 

They are great  for work,  school events, errands, on a date, or for lunch and  nights out with friends. In short, they are a  perennial go-to for any fashionista’s wardrobe. We love them!

Full elastic waistband, side pockets and faux front buttons. Roll up or leave down. Darling with tennis shoes, flats, wedges, sandals! 100% TENCEL