LUV it Pillowcase! Great Valentines Gift


OMG this is soo cute and such  a great idea!  I LOVE satiny pillowcases to sleep on.! They are my fav! And this one is all that and more! One side of the pillow is silky and the other is absorbing for wet hair.

The LUV IT pillowcase is your perfect ally for a good night's sleep. Its soft satin side if good for the skin, keeps hair shiny while preventing frizz and even protects eyelash extensions. Both comfortable and practical! Its absorbent side is perfect for controlling moisture in wet hair without leaving your pillowcase wet. Do you want to add a hair treatment to your nightly ritual? The pillowcase is a must. Sleep soundly- LUV IT looks after your well-being!

It is:

1.Good for the skin
2.Keeps hair shiny while preventing frizz
3.Protect eyelash extensions

Easy to care for too! 

Before your first use, was with mild detergent in warm water. After consecutive uses, machine wash and tumble dry low only. Do not use chlorine, bleach detergent or fabric softener.