This  sweater is something you won't see anywhere else!  It is being manufactured exclusively for Greenhill School! 

 It is a 100% cotton sweater, lightweight, with a rolled hem and cuffs and has the knitted  letters in the front that say ,"GREENHILL"  Then  the detail stripe of the school colors and HORNETS on the back .  This is just a prototype but it will have the correct Greenhill Green and Gold colors in production! 


This sweater is amazing and is currently in production for so many schools. It is such a standout and will be your favorite SCHOOL Sweater!  We have attached a picture of  production pieces  a few other schools that show how it will look in production! 



1. White Sweater - "GREENHILL" in GREEN trimmed in Gold on the front. On the back there is are stripes of Green/Gold/Green  with HORNETS in Green. 


2. Green Sweater- White "GREENHILL" letters on the front. On the back White/Green/White stripes with HORNETS  in White. 


All pieces are made-to-order, producing each piece  as we get an order for it. Quality, custom, and consistency are what we build our business on and we stand behind what we sell!  Production time is 60 days but with the right lead time we can get you what you need when you need it! 


These will ship in January 


These come in XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. They do tend to run generous so if in between sizes size down.


Price $128