Fall Anniversary Sale: Chain Wrap Bracelets!

$78.00 $78.00

We found this up and coming Dallas Jewlery Designer at Market and loved her things! They are so unique and so different that we stopped and placed an order on the spot! 

Pave chain wrap bracelet  **can also be worn as a short necklace** 
MATERIALS: gold-plated chain; dark rhodium-plated curved connector with black CZ pave; clasp closure
LENGTH: 21.5" (wraps 3 times around wrist)


Circle Chain Wrap Bracelet *can also be worn as a short necklace*
MATERIALS: matte gold- 18K matte gold-plated curved connector charm; clasp closure
LENGTH: 21-21.5" (wraps 3 times around wrist)

Ships 2 weeks