If you haven't seen the hottest things in personalized  pouches you will soon!

We visited the store this Summer in Newport Beach that made these famous and to buy one personalized it would have been over $100! So we decided we could find them at much better price! And we did!!!

We are soo excited about these ADORABLE BAGS AND LETTERS!  

The Nylon Pouches measures  5 x 9.5 x 2 and comes in 3 great colors:

Hot Pink, Lavender, and Mint!

The letters  are 2.25" x 1.5" and all are in stock (except K which comes in about 2 weeks!) Also available are the hearts!

We are offering a bag and 1 initial for only $25!! Each individual letter/heart is  only $6

To order:  comment color, initial wanted and any initial letters or hearts needed. The letters go on everything! From bags, to phones, to backpacks! You name it!!

 Everything is in stock with the Vendor and will ship in 1-2 Weeks.