Snaking into Spring!


If there is one item at Market in Vegas that we saw that had the MOST buzz and the MOST people around it is was this pant! It was one of those pieces that stopped you in your tracks for a million different reasons:

1. Snake Print is so on TREND and this print was AMAZING! 

2. The Season is all about the Ankle! 

3. Spandex! Lots of Stretch!

4. Pants are BACK in a huge way and cute ones are So hard to find! 

5. Great alternative to wearing denim or white jeans but the color is so neutral you can pair almost any top with it!

This was has all that and more. We were told it wouldn't arrive until the 1st of May, so we hadn't posted it yet, but we just heard it will arrive in about 3 weeks. But again it's one of those items that we can't wait on we have to place our order!


It's a 5 pocket Cotton/Spandex Ankle Pant that is only $39. I mean this is THE PANT! 

Choose From: 

Grey snake with black and white 

Cream snake with blue 

Small (2-4)

Medium (6-8)

Large (10-12)