Go To CableKnit Cape!


Sweaters like this become my go to in the Winter. I put them on repeat and never take them off!
This darling Turtle neck cable pattern knitted poncho is so fabulous! It is so fashionable
aand so easy to wear. Fits all and looks good over everything. From leggings, to jeans
tto skirts and pants, these kind of sweaters make it a winner for everyone!
So soft, and so easy this is easily a favorite for all!

We are really trying to move away from Pre Orders but because this is already such a hugeseller with the vendor
we and we wont get it if we dont, are going to offer it with 10%off today -65% polyester, 35% viscose -
tToday its only $48. AFter today goes up to $54
SShips end of November