Ahdorn Yourself Messenger Bag!


These Purses are the HOTTEST! We found this vendor from NY and they are so on Trend and the BEST quality. They are  featured all over the country! 

If you have seen the amazing Hammit Bags then you will know these are amazing and look just like them! They are a FABULOUS Vegan Leather, Magnetic Snap Closure and a side sleeve. 

I can't wait to take this on my Summer Travels! SOOO Cute! Now which color? They are all so cute! 

Body Dimensions: 13" H x 12" W x 3" D.

Strap: Adjustable up 35"-54"


Black Purse with Gold Studs and  Black/White/Gold LOVE Strap

White Purse with Gold Studs  and Gold/Black/White Camo Strap

Grey Purse with Silver Studs  with  White/Silve/Black Leopard Strap

Black and Grey-1-2 Weeks

White- 3 Weeks